Creative virtual Assistant

Your business is significant to you. it's taken lots of hard work to get it where it is. You've been running the show alone and are now looking for a cheerleader to come help out - that's where I come in!

I bet you've spent long days trying to keep on top of all the day-to-day admin. Far too much time on trying to get code or Excel to work. It causes you headaches and so much stress. The idea of bringing in another person sounds terrifying.
Creative Virtual Assistants are not employees but your partner.
Once onboarding has been completed, VAs are there for completing the tasks:
  • you don't enjoy (or avoid),
  • don't have the skills for or
  • to help when things get busy
We use our own honed skills, the ones that you might lack, to make the running of your business smoother & easier. This frees you up to do the more enjoyable tasks in your business.

Looking for an extra hand?

VAs are cheerleaders, helpers, experts, colleagues and, most importantly, champions of getting that to-do list down.

creative va


Creative Virtual Assistant

My speciality is automation & using technology to streamline your workflows to get you back to the fun stuff in your business. I love problem solving, numbers & am not easily beaten by code.

Ongoing service, monthly invoicing, can be combined with other services

Enquire Now

  • Welcome questionnaire
  • Online 1 hour Discovery to discuss your needs & hour commitments
  • Microsoft Excel - set up of spreadsheets, added formulas to save on calculations, those scary pivot tables
  • Email inbox - organisation & structuring
  • Social media - scheduling & initial set up

  • Microsoft office - set up new flows in Power Automate & testing
  • Dubsado  - initial set up & testing

Have you been avoiding the tasks that you know you should do but all of your energy & time just seems to vanish?
Many small businesses don’t know where to start with technology, especially websites, so they end up missing out on so many ways to not only streamline their own work but improve it. That’s where I come in!
All the scary tech that you have been avoiding, I genuinely love working with. I see it as a challenge & I am not easily beaten. Problem solving & puzzles are my jam. I want to help make your business exciting & fun again.

Why we should work together