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Is 'get website done' still hiding somewhere on your to-do list?

Did you threw one together ages ago but you haven't found the time to make it just perfect?

Been Avoiding getting your website done?

Have you

Does the thought of building your website yourself make you feel overwhelmed? It's the code... right?

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Tried to DIY a website in the past but it's not impactful?

your business is being held back?

Maybe you feel like

Know your website just isn't cutting it?

Tired on losing out on clients & customers?

Worried about spending too much time on code?

Trying to build a website yourself can leave you feeling disappointed with how it looks or functions. Playing around with code can cause things to break (including you...). If you don't know what you are doing it can lead to avoidance and many tears.

It's not easy to build a website when you don't have spare time or technical know-how (looking at you code & SEO...)

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The good news is - everyone!

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  • creatives
  • tradespeople
  • academics
  • designers
  • make up artists
  • shop owners
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • artists
  • literally anyone!

All the scary tech that you have been avoiding, I genuinely love working with. I see it as a challenge and I am not easily beaten. Problem solving and puzzles are my jam and I want to help make your business exciting and fun again.

Many small businesses don’t know where to start with technology, especially websites, and end up missing out on so many ways to not only streamline their own work but improve it. That’s where I come in!

Have you been avoiding the tasks that you know you should do but all of your energy and time just seems to vanish?

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